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Hi, I'm Ania 

As a North Carolina-based actress, writer and creative director, my passion lies in supporting my community in telling and owning their stories-----whether through media or in every day life. I've launched and collaborated with NC creatives on many impactful projects, but being an inspiration to those around me will be my greatest devotion.

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My Story

My parents have told me times before how upbeat and creative I was as a child. "I remember that you were always drawing and writing," my Dad said. "You would put on little acting performances and as you got older, you used to write out things for you and [your sister] to perform." Somethings never change as music, art, and theatre were intrinsic values throughout my education in Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina. Completing a bachelor's degree in visual and Performing Arts, I have since expanded my skills in marketing and community management while building my brand in social networking and media. The Love Nia Blog is my most meaningful endeavor and I pray to God for his divine guidance and presence through the ongoing impact of it all!

Let's Connect

I'm open for new and exciting opportunities!

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